1. […] sub­scribe to the RSS feed. Thanks for visiting!Many folk I know have been dis­cussing their 2009 chal­lenges and vic­to­ries and look­ing for­ward to what 2010 has in store for them. I’ve felt the need […]

  2. Thanks for the fantastic reflective post Kate. It was great to chat online, but even greater to meet you in person.

    I hope 2010 is as you want it to be, whatever theme you choose. Here’s to something big!

  3. Kate
    Great post, thanks for sharing, helping and inspiring me and the broader community this year. I’ve just posted a comment up on the history of Northside Coffee Mornings (which you, Fi Bendall and Katie Harris made possible) following Kate Groom’s post this week:

    I feel like we’ve know each other for years thanks to the power of online community and therelationships that can be built – in fact we only met just over a year ago at my first BarCamp in Sydney. I look forward to being part of the growing online community around Sydney in 2010 and continuing to learn and grow by watching and working with you!

    Tony Hollingsworth

  4. Kate,

    I’m so glad you co-founded NSCM. It’s been a real highlight for me this year – what an extraordinary group of people!

    Thank goodness for people like you who take action on their ideas. The ripple effects in terms of positive impact on the lives of others can be profound. Well done!

    Best to you and your loved ones for 2010.

    Robin 🙂

  5. This post touched me very much. Without the kindness of my online network of friends this year would have been much more difficult.

    I hope that this year brings you closer to achieving those goals that you set for yourself. Just keep blogging and Tweeting because I enjoy reading everything that you write.

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