2009 a personal year in review

luck or hard work?This year has been one of great personal challenges for me and my family. To have made it to the end of the year with all of us still on deck is a good feeling.

2009 brought home to me how truly important continued good health is, and how lucky we are in Australia with our health system.

The year saw many plans in train at the start of the year, with most of them deferred due to the aforementioned personal challenges. So it feels like I did not really achieve much that I’d hoped.

But putting all of that aside, it was a year that revealed the kindness of friends and power of online networks to create and build real relationships. Real life friends who supported me this year have made all the difference.

Another great example of that was the diverse group of people who’ve banded together for Northside Coffee Mornings – where online relationships have merged into offline ones and a supportive network has started to evolve.

The sheer number of kindhearted people who cared for & supported me, who helped me when I was down, fed me, nurtured me, worried with me, and rejoiced when the news was good is truly humbling.

Another thing that amazed me was how many people want to make make the world a better place. And how many of those people are willing to take action in that cause.

I was lucky enough to be involved in various conferences, unconferences and seminars, meeting a large number of fascinating people.

A big thank-you to all those people who were kind and inclusive, sharing ideas and working together. Special thanks to everyone who helped out with Cupcake Camp Sydney – it was great fun and we helped out the RSPCA.

Each year, instead of making new year resolutions, I pick a theme for the year. That way when I get sidetracked (as often happens) I can simply return to the theme. Also with a theme there are often many different things I can do to support it.

For 2009 my theme was simplicity and frugal living. The results here were pretty good on the whole. A big reduction in my carbon footprint; using public transport wherever possible; and living local as much as possible.

I’m still thinking about my theme for 2010, more on that later.


9 thoughts on “2009 a personal year in review

  1. This post touched me very much. Without the kindness of my online network of friends this year would have been much more difficult.

    I hope that this year brings you closer to achieving those goals that you set for yourself. Just keep blogging and Tweeting because I enjoy reading everything that you write.


  2. Kate,

    I’m so glad you co-founded NSCM. It’s been a real highlight for me this year – what an extraordinary group of people!

    Thank goodness for people like you who take action on their ideas. The ripple effects in terms of positive impact on the lives of others can be profound. Well done!

    Best to you and your loved ones for 2010.

    Robin 🙂


  3. Kate
    Great post, thanks for sharing, helping and inspiring me and the broader community this year. I’ve just posted a comment up on the history of Northside Coffee Mornings (which you, Fi Bendall and Katie Harris made possible) following Kate Groom’s post this week:

    I feel like we’ve know each other for years thanks to the power of online community and therelationships that can be built – in fact we only met just over a year ago at my first BarCamp in Sydney. I look forward to being part of the growing online community around Sydney in 2010 and continuing to learn and grow by watching and working with you!

    Tony Hollingsworth


  4. Thanks for the fantastic reflective post Kate. It was great to chat online, but even greater to meet you in person.

    I hope 2010 is as you want it to be, whatever theme you choose. Here’s to something big!


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