Talk about barriers to entry!

A while back I got an invitation to join a new social network 434U & was amazed at the barriers to entry & the onerous rules for participation. It’s a new invitation only social network – I do wish them luck. But for me it makes me go “meh”.

Let’s just have a quick squiz at some of the rules:

  • Must have a headshot, but it can only be a headshot of you – if you have other people in your picture they message you to crop them out: e.g. “social says: you need to change your photo asap A SOLO HEAD SHOT NO SUNGLASSES PLEASE” or “social says: hey mate it needs to be a solo photo sorry mate you can crop that one with child in it thanks”
  • “In order to have an active account on 434u you must have at least 4 active members in your crew. Active members are members who have 4 active crew members under them. Once your 4 crew members have recruited 4 active members your account will automatically become active.” – I can barely manage my own online activity let alone consider moderate my buddies too!
  • “Members can invite 6 friends only to join. A member is then responsible for the moderation of those members who form their crew.”
  • You have to log in every 14 days
  • “By empowering members to moderate, market and promote the site, 434U can then afford to share revenue from the site among its members 70/30.”

It seems to me that some people just don’t understand the concept of barriers to entry. With complex rules like that a social network would need to offer me some compelling value. Not sure what value this one offers?

Also they seem to misunderstand how many people use their avatars and how an avatar can also become almost a part of our personality. I feel quite odd when changing avatars. So making it just a photo of me is not an attractive proposition at all.

Suspect it will need to clarify the cost-benefit equation a lot more before they catch my interest.

UPDATE 1 Jan 2010: Just to prove that everyone is different here’s an alternative perspective on this new social network 434U
434u-300x114 copy



4 thoughts on “Talk about barriers to entry!

  1. There is no accounting for logic. It reminds me of the ‘we know best’ attitude we used to have when determining requirements for products, and which unfortunately, still creeps in. The Head shot thing is just weird. Wonder what they would make of mine 😉


  2. Wow. I wonder how on earth they’re expecting this to take off?

    Any site/network with that many rules is an instant turn-off for me.


  3. mmmm…. sounds like great marketing for a very dodgy proposition? (dodgy because it’s not transparent, or maybe it’s time to think that the internet was never transparent?


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