Startups Trade-offs Balance | Startup BarCamp Sydney

In late November I spoke at Startup BarCamp in Sydney. The topic was about the kind of personal trade-offs & choices we make when choosing to work in a startup.

These choices are not always immediately obvious when you go into a startup. However, the number of broken relationships and partnerships amongst my acquaintance in the startup community does seem to be higher than in the general population.

It is worth considering how to manage these trade-offs going into the startup, rather than waiting for the inevitable and dealing with the fallout.

Holiday IT to-do lists | Patch Monday via @stilgherrian

The fast-approaching holiday season is a great time to update your IT systems while everything’s quiet.

I got to have a chat with Stilgherrian in this week’s Patch Monday.

This podcast has some nifty suggestions from Harold Melnick, who’s Microsoft’s senior product marketing manager for Unified communications; Del from open source consultancy Babel Com Australia; and me.

Stilgherrian also summarises the week’s IT news — everything you would have read yourself if you weren’t so busy.

Listen now:,2001120173,22492851p,00.htm

Hero or monster it all comes down to choices

This is a very thought provoking TED talk from Philip Zimbardo. He’s famous for the 1971 Stanford Prison Experiment.

Think about how you would react in certain situations (e.g. Abu Ghraib) – how easy it is to act in ways you might regret later? Hero or villain it all comes down to choices.

The other interesting thing to consider is how the growth in communications devices and information sharing technologies makes hiding evil acts so much harder nowadays. The revelations from Abu Ghraib are an excellent example.