1. Excellent, well-researched post.

    I would love to hear your thoughts on whether or not paid content has a future in the near term – will Murdoch’s firewall plan be a success?

    I’m also very interested in the “hyperlocal” news movement. It’s a very exciting time in the Seattle area seeing all the various takes on hyperlocal news and content delivery. Do you see much movement in Australia or anywhere else?

    • Hi Anthony, thanks for your comment. I think people are willing to pay for unique & compelling content. Not so sure that what Mr Murdoch has to offer is either compelling or unique & suspect his paywall will not be the saviour he hopes. Hyperlocal news is going to be interesting.

      Due to costs local newspapers are struggling so going online & using citizen journalists seems like a sensible direction. One of my friends runs Norg – people powered news & it is doing well. Innovators will pop up now due to the low cost of entry. Then we’ll probably see consolidation of players & business models over the next few years.

      Mobile is going to evolve as a strong part of the news and content delivery story – nobody is quite sure how this will play out yet though.

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