Dirty little secret – women and money #febusave

Women share amazing amounts of information with each other – about relationships, family, sex, fashion, friends – often in quite intimate detail.

But one of our remaining taboo areas is money. I can hardly recall any conversations with girlfriends about money and its management.

Recently I was horrified to discover that:

51% of women would last less than three months on their current savings if they lost their job and still had to pay their usual bills

Source: Be Money Confident

The ANZ Bank has launched a new campaign called Febusave via their Be Money Confident site to help women to build a saving habit.

They’ve asked several female bloggers to support the Febusave campaign. And we were all happy to support a good cause like this.

The truth is that money is not what’s important. The important thing is the freedom of choice that money provides. Building up good saving and investing habits gives women choices in life. And it allows us to model good behaviours for the next generation.

I’ve pledged to give up driving to work for Febusave & to bank the savings. What are you going to do?

Why not register now for Febusave?

Author: Kate Carruthers

Kate Carruthers is Chief Data & Insights Officer for UNSW Sydney, and is also an Adjunct Senior Lecturer in the School of Computer Science & Engineering. She is certified in information security and is currently undertaking postgraduate studies terrorism and security. Kate has extensive experience in senior roles in ICT, marketing, data and digital; and is a member of the NSW Government’s Data Analytics Centre Advisory Board. Kate is currently working at the intersection of data analytics, AI, ML, privacy, cyber security, and data protection.

4 thoughts

  1. It is a big dirty little secret, after seeing a few people I recognise and trust getting behind Febusave I’ve signed up too.

    Thanks for the post!


  2. What a great idea!

    I know we pretty much spend everything earnt so your post prompted me to join Febusave and save two per cent of my earnings during February.

    Good luck to fellow Febusavers.


  3. How interesting is that piece of information you shared:
    “51% of women would last less than three months on their current savings if they lost their job and still had to pay their usual bills”

    All the best with #Febusave and increasing the awareness among women about the importance of savings.

    All the best to you and your fellow female bloggers.


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