Savings plan progressing nicely for #febusave

As part of the ANZ Bank’s Febusave campaign I’ve been following up on my pledge to catch public transport as much as possible during February, especially for the commute to the office.

I’m finding the daily train trip gives me a few unexpected benefits in addition to saving money:

  • more time to work on projects rather than concentrating on driving in the crazy Sydney traffic
  • more thinking time so I can hit the ground running when I arrive at the office
  • uninterrupted time to plan my day
  • on the way home the I have time to disconnect my mind from work before arriving home

Also participating in Febusave has made me conscious of spending choices, and is making me question if I do really need to buy certain things.

Why not sign up too? You can do it here (and you might even win a $5,000 prize).