Being real

As a child I read a story where the main character wanted to be a ‘real boy’ and not just a wooden puppet.

435px-Pinocchio1And this choice between being a real person – who connects with other people and things in an open and organic way – and being a puppet – driven by fear and striving and struggle – seems to be facing us all today.

Social media is merely speeding up the process.  It is helping the real people find each other and create sustaining communities.  And it is helping the others to find like-minded desperate souls.

We are at a crossroad in the future of our world.  Which group have you chosen to join?


One thought on “Being real

  1. Hi Kate, I must admit that I had not really thought about the Pinnochio story as his search for his Real Person, the essential self; at least until I read your note. Being ‘Real’ is surely the biggest challenge for most of us in a world where manipulation is the order of the day. We dare not lower our mask lest someone see who we really are and exploit our vulnerability.



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