1. Is Twitter a social chat or is it Publishing?… Sounds like a good topic for next meeting.

    Problem with using social media as a publishing method is that there is no editor overlooking your tweets with a black texter.
    Free for all, if anybody is watching at the time you tweet

  2. I think the naivety about what you can say online isn’t limited to defamation; people don’t seem to understand the whole range of consequences of their online behaviour.

    Assuming journalists are across these issues is dangerous as well. It seems to me a lot of journalists have been protected from these consequences by their employers and so haven’t paid the attention they should.

    Social networking tools are just another facet of society and we need to accept most, if not all, of our society’s standards apply equally online.

  3. I’d put it much more strongly than that, Kate.

    Someone who works in the advertising industry, Damian Damjanovski actually said “When did we get to the point that this is suddenly publishing and should be treated as such?” Um, the moment you transmitted the information to one other person, Damien. Just like it’s been for decades and decades.

    Damian’s not alone here, of course. Far from it. But I think the phrase “dangerously ignorant” could have be used a few times.

    How someone gets to work in advertising without this basic knowledge of media law is another essay in itself…

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