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Random acts of kindness

I’ve been reflecting on the people who’ve influenced my life. The ones who have shaped my thoughts and helped me to work out what kind of person I am and who I want to be.  There’s a lot of them.

They range from family members, to friends and colleagues.  Many dsc00078-150x150of them never even realised what they were doing.  They did not realise that their casual conversations and encounters with me were shaping my life.

It’s a big responsibility when one considers that even casual daily interactions are shaping other people’s lives in similar ways.  Thus the creation of the future really is in our hands.

It is there in simple everyday things that we say and the actions that we do.  Our actions and words help to shape other people’s future development.

And, for those who believe that words cannot hurt people, there is some research that indicates that the feelings of pain recollection are stronger for social pain than physical pain. It does seem that words and acts of social exclusion can wound.

I’d like to thank all the people who have been kind, truthful and encouraging to me over the years. You have helped me to become a better and kinder person.

In a strange way I’m also grateful to those who were cruel, unkind and vicious – you’ve also taught me a great deal. From you I have mostly learned what I do not want to be.

What are you doing today to create loving and peaceful futures?

2 thoughts on “Random acts of kindness”

  1. In that case, I’d like to thank you for being so kind and influencing me in a gentle and positive way. Thanks.

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