1. Doug Garske

    too many people are too scared to criticise these “experts” in case they look like a fool… i am flabbergasted at one in particular… and can not believe that someone who holds themselves up as a Social Media Expert and deals in 140 characters presents powerpoint slides with crowded and verbal diarrhea… I agree with the previous… it is time to call out and yell “the Emperor is wearing no clothes”

  2. garglebutt

    So far social media is 99% vanity press pure and simple. Yes there are applicable applications in business, but guess what? There have been collaborative tools around for years and they keep quietly ticking away.

    What all the recent focus has provided is to: validate the use of informal communication, get some commonality and scaling in tools, greatly expand the audience, create jobs for so called social media people.

  3. More and more…

    Echo. Same. Blah.

    Yes, there are great things to be gained by participating in the online social world. Equally, there are a lot of negatives.

    Balance and realism is what’s needed, rather than rah-rah. A little judicious examination before collectively pissing our pants over the latest social media super hero.

    And frankly, the marketers and all the bits their fingers are in can go well away. It’s far and away the least interesting thing about social tools.

    Count me in. Though with three of us, doesn’t that make a “club”? 😉

  4. Count me as an iconoclast.

    I don’t believe in social anything… it is all a crock.

    Even social coffee get togethers. It is the echosphere

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