1. Hi Kate,

    I love this blog post as I’ve always loved the rich wisdom of a library full of inspiring books! Although eReaders and netbooks are quite handy to read ebooks, nothing beats a genuine book!

    One of my biggest dreams is to create my own library with books focused on inspiring and supporting fellow leaders, innovators and entrepreneurs.
    Two years ago I started buying and collection all the books and later this year I hope to open the library as part of our new Seed Accelerator Campus in Sydney!

    And by the way; an Aussie (Perth based) business is one of the leaders in the global eBook business: http://www.ebook.com/



    • How wonderful! Patrick your ideas always inspire & energise me – please let me know if there is any help I can offer. I do have some business and leadership books that might find a good home in your library.

  2. Go to our website and see our video of what the Library should look like in 2020: http://www.LibraryHub.org

    We have to make it happen if we are to survive as a vital communities. Librarians have the education and training to become the Meta-word Internet information experts. They should be the connectors to entrepreneurs and business startups for their market needs. We need to enable a social entrepreneur plan that crates a National Library Hub system, and use an existing Library infrastructure for mentoring entrepreneurs, and is a catalysts for cleantech jobs.

  3. I have a local library that’s about 5 miles from my home. It’s pretty convenient, but you get the feeling that the people there have been librarians a loooong time. They’re not unpleasant, just – well, a little stuffy. Combined with the limited selection (I would be most of their books are over 15 years old), its not captivating. But what I do like is that if I find a book on the net, odds are that they can get it for me from another library. Just in our state, though – no interstate loans! I get the feeling that they’re thinking this is a Brave New World, which feels a bit quaint to me.

    Can’t remember the last time I asked a librarian for help!

  4. Liz

    Thanks for your post – I’m very interested in looking at the scenarios you posted.

    Reflecting on public libraries’ role in the community, I remember my HSC maths study group met at the local library instead of the school library. Although I don’t recall ever using any of the libraries’ specific resources on our topic, we certainly made use of the space, and I think mainly that was because it was not-school ie , another community space to foster our learning.

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