1. Hi Kate,

    Excellent article. Social media really enables us be recognised in whatever industry or niche we are in. We can change our own professional offering from being a commodity providing our time to a valued expert.

    It requires the skills to match our skills, capabilities and knowledge to the features of social media.

  2. Excellent read.
    “Privacy was a tiny blip in the long history of human existence.” is a perfect invitation for more reading, and a longer discussion to elaborate…

  3. Tony Coleman

    I agree with your precautions around Social Media and think this is the responsibility of parents to teach their children and schools to reinforce these guidelines. We should be emphasising that on line activity is permanent and searchable. We should be encouraging young people to think :

    ‘ What future prospects are you losing by on line pictures and comments you are currently creating?’

    I disagree with the importance of personal privacy. I believe personal privacy is the cornerstone of a civil society. However I agree that in the name of ‘security’ and the creation of on line relationships we have given away a lot of our rights to personal privacy. It is my view that this is a serious mistake and our societies will pay a high price for allowing technologists to trivialise issues of personal privacy and then foolishly take it from us.

  4. Kate I really enjoyed this. ‘Privacy is an aberration’ is such an interesting and obvious statement, now that you’ve made it 🙂


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