Sydney’s inaugural Social Innovation BarCamp #sibsyd

Sydney’s inaugural Social Innovation BarCamp went well yesterday.

The day kicked off with an opening talk by the Hon. Bob Carr, who kindly gave his time to support this event.

Throughout the day we had some amazing networking and discussion sessions focused on creating sustainable futures and directing innovation towards social good.

We also had a lovely lunch sponsored by Cisco and coffee sponsored by AskHer.

I’m very grateful to everyone who helped out to make this event work, in particular my co-un-organisers  Selena Griffith and Michelle Williams.

There are already some amazing photos up in the Social Innovation BarCamp group on Flickr:

3 thoughts on “Sydney’s inaugural Social Innovation BarCamp #sibsyd

  1. Congratulations on a great event! This is one of the times I’m jealous I’m not in Sydney anymore.

    What were your best take-aways from the day? Any sign of concrete outcomes at this early stage?


  2. I am still reeling with energy and ideas flowing from yesterday’s event Kate, what a day! The entire day was filled with great people, ideas and a sense of community interested in improving our world.

    I liked today’s tweets around a monthly tweetup #situbsyd – I’m suggesting Bang Bang as close to train and I liked their space (and want an excuse to try their food!) Just need to pick a day – how about 1st Wednesday of each month – I note they close at 4pm weekdays so either late morning or lunchtime?


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