1. Nicholas Walmsley

    How about the human race copyright things like language, or wheels, and make every company who wants to use such items pay a royalty to a global public education fund. 90% of invention is discovering the next logical step along a path that was worn by thousands of others before you. To claim ownership to the latest manifestation of human development is both selfish and arrogant. As Mick Jagger said, musicians were not paid for their music until about 1960. The whole copyright thing has turned into a rort.

    • Nicholas – good point. I can see both sides. As a creator of material one needs to eat; but there is little truly independent creation. We all build on the creativeness and creations of others. The one that really annoys me is allowing companies to patent genes – that just seems plain wrong.

  2. I agree with what you have said. But computers have added a new issue. With a book you can sell or lend it out. But photocopying it was not available until recently and then it is a long and relatively expensive task to make a duplicate copy of a book using a photo copier. With a computer file, making a copy is in fact the default behaviour. So now not only are books or other works portable as happened witht the printing revolution, but making copies is now extremely easy and can be done at basically no cost.

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