What matters?

A recent discovery for me is McKinsey & Company’s new site What Matters. It is a thought provoking question and it is good to see it being tackled by McKinsey and their interesting array of authors.

The things that matter change if we are considering big or small things. At this time in our world there are an enormous number of big things for us to consider. And we all need to get out of our focus on the small things and start thinking about the big questions.

Big questions like:

  • Do we need to change the way we do business for it be sustainable?
  • How can business be profitable and ethical simultaneously?
  • How can we innovate in a resource constrained world?
  • How can we balance security and freedom in an increasingly turbulent world?
  • How do we create an inclusive world that respects diversity?
  • What can we do to respect individual rights while respecting diversity?
  • What difference can individuals and small groups make?
  • How can individuals and small groups take action?

It was questions like these that inspired me to do something and, along with Selena Griffith and Michelle Williams, kicked off Social Innovation BarCamp Sydney.  The inaugural event went well and now we are thinking about next steps. If you have any ideas or suggestions please head over here and post a comment.