1. Kerry Pintado

    Hi Kate

    A very interesting idea you are throwing around…in fact, it is music to my ears!

    I’d like to be referred to as an emerging voice albeit a consumer in most of the traditional media these days.

    I was long ago one of those “polite” Melbournians whom listened without engagement.

    Whilst I am grappling to articulate my thoughts in 140 characters or less, participants as you refer to us as, are no longer happy just to listen but are engaging with valid arguments and sometimes great concepts. Many of which are very happy to share with the outside world not just traditional media.

    I am also finding that the moguls of traditional media are having to redefine their role and not simply own it. It has now become the property of the commons. Indeed these are very interesting times.

    The common voice is now a force to be reckoned with as more embrace the “now” media. I look forward to listening & engaging with #OzPolitics & #Media140

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