1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the event. I thought Ambassador Bleich was spot on too. No body wants to see 24hrs of news when probably half of it is repeated information. That’s when Citizen Journalism “public”, “participatory”, “democratic”, “guerrilla” or “street journalism is important and can be used in a very effective way.
    A good example of this is how CNN saw the importance of citizen media and bought Ireport.com a few years ago now.

    In Australia we do have a few citizen/hypelocal websites but if social media is not well understood then this type of collaborative community media will not become popular for a while. I still think it was great that journalists, politicians and social evangelists and practitioners were there to discuss social media. But for collaborative media to become mainstream or at least play a major part in providing information to traditional media then social media experts, practitioners, innovators and influencers need to also understand it and support it.

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