1. Actually Kate, that agenda has been there for ten years since the 2001 election and the Tampa beat up.

    I worked as volunteer and scrutineer at a polling place in Mosman, Sydney, for Peter MacDonald who running as an Independent against Tony Abbot on a pro-refugee platform.

    The amount of racist, vicious comments we received on that booth – in the upper middle class centre of what we’d like to think of as the ‘globalised’ part of Australia – still rattles me today.

    Unfortunately that viciousness towards refugees and Muslims has been a constant undercurrent in Australian politics since.

    I don’t think of the assembled apparatchiks of the Australian political classes – let’s not pretend there aren’t individuals in the Labor party up to the same tricks – understand the tiger they are riding with this.

    Sadly our politics has been reduced to two hordes of corrupt, disintegrating zombies fighting each other to rip the beating heart out of the body of Australian civil life.

    I’d say we deserve better, but maybe these two tribes are just a reflection of what we really are.

  2. David Murphy

    “When did the Liberal Party become the party of naysaying cold-hearted xenophobes? When did the Labor Party become a cold-hearted machine driven by internal polling and factions?” is a very diplomatic way to put it.
    (Implying that both parties are not meant to be like that, and imploring them to come back to goodness).
    However by modern standards, haven’t both parties supported a xenophobic policy until the abolition of the White Australia Policy in 1973-1975?
    Is the question: “when did they decide to relapse to their naysaying cold-hearted past position”?

    • David you are right in your history – my point was that during most of our lives (since the mid 1970s) xenophobia was off the agenda for major political parties. It’s clearly back on the agenda with a vengeance now.

  3. … and The Nationals by rent-seeking agrarian socialists who want the city to fund non-competitive farming.

    … and The Greens who want to have everyone work for the Gov’t or QANGO & reduce our international business integration

    … basically, I really dont give a flying fuck for any of this anymore.

    Which is a good thing, as I am just distracting the important people from doing important things with other important people.

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