Findings of the UWS Challenging Racism research

Starting in 1998, a UWS research project has been in progress on the geography of racism in NSW.

Key findings of the Racism project include:

  • While racism is quite prevalent in Australian society its occurrences differ from place to place.
  • These variations have been largely overlooked by anti-racism campaigns in Australia.
  • Most Australians recognise that racism is a problem in society.
  • Racist attitudes are positively associated with age, non-tertiary education, and to a slightly lesser extent with those who do not speak a language other than English, the Australia-born, and with males.

There are very interesting local insights into racism in Australia – there’s an interactive map of the findings by region. And you can download the national findings here (in PDF format).

Some real food for thought.

Thanks to @Jinjirrie for bringing this report to my attention.