1. Wow Kate, beautiful share – have been reflecting similarly recently. I wonder if it is the getting of wisdom that comes with age – or possibly growing up. 😉
    It’s amazing how much richer our lives can be when we let go of our attachment to possessions, money and status and open up to the possibility that comes with more meaningful relationships and work.
    There’s a wonderful TEDTalk from Dr Brene Brown on the power of vulnerability that really speaks to this issue http://www.ted.com/talks/lang/eng/brene_brown_on_vulnerability.html
    Thanks so much for posting this Kate, and best of wishes to your friend, with the hope they find themselves surrounded by those that love them.

  2. Michelle

    Thank you for honouring my thoughts and the sentiment of the time Kate. It’s really supportive during a rough time for me and Madchen.

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