1. The cool thing about Enterprise 2.0 is that everything now is / should be social. The bad thing is also the same statement. By bringing the plethora of conversations in from the consumer cold we are effectively hit by data deluge. We’re hit by too many conversations going on across too many channels. Enterprise 2.0 success relies on choosing wisely your most effective outbound communication / customer connection channels and creating an inbound listening grid so that you are able to make sense of the data deluge. Being hard wired to a few networks is myopic. Customers evolve, networks evolve and conversations migrate. Influence appears in many different places – its location and its effect is not static.

  2. For me its not the over focus on the technology solutions, but the over simplification of the whole change and innovation process (i.e. its not not about the technology). That’s when the injection of the technology becomes an issue. However, it is also interesting to see how some technologies can provide the catalyst for change (i.e. CxO’s influenced by their experience of using an ipad)… but I think that simply reveals how complex the change process is and that there are all sorts of levers and effects we need to understand. BTW did you see the laster post by Dion? http://www.dachisgroup.com/2011/05/organizing-for-social-business-the-issues/

  3. The suggertion that technology solves behavioral problems without addressing them is one of the things that frustrates me as well. However, as long as people are selling the “how-tos” without addressing the real problems, we’ll have no lack of work.

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