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  1. The world is full of ego driven people. And the power is given to those who can “get around red tape” NOT to those who could really make a difference in people’s lives. I once was told by one of my employees that our “company was the best one in the world to work for”. That right there made me believe we were on the right track, and made every sacrifice we had made worthwhile. But then one day, people inside got greedy, allowed fear to control their decisions, forgot that the truth would prevail, forgot about ethics. And now, a few years later, after a significant reduction of beings, its nothing more than another example of this famous and owerful NoTW newspaper. All the potential reduced to a shameful example of tainted management…tainter people. A pitty, indeed. The best we can do is hope that we serve as examples and that one day, through media, the people of our world learn from other’s and take it upon themselves to make this world a better place. After all, it is real people who we serve behind the machine.

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