1. Hi Kate,

    I suspect much of the anger in our societies is coming from the pressures of change.

    As people find their economic foundations are a lot flimsier than they first thought, they react by becoming more defensive and aggressive.

    One fascinating area is the US Tea Party movement and the various Australian marches on politicians as it appears this is being driven by a realisation that the deregulation, privatisation and tax cutting trends by governments from the 1980s onwards were to the detriment of the middle classes rather than benefit as they were lead to believe.

    Those commutes and racing between meetings are symptomatic of our individual financial situations being more fragile than at any time since World War II and all of us born since the 1930s were simply not bought up to deal with the resulting stresses.

    It’s going to be very interesting watching how societies and particularly each country’s political classes deal with this anger and their own changed financial circumstances.

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