Why starting a blog is like getting a puppy

It all sounds so easy. Just go to a free site like WordPress.com or Blogger.com sign up and your blog is ready to go.

But it’s not quite that easy. Blogging is a challenging business. It calls for dedication and a willingness to simply write.

You’re putting yourself out there, and some will be critical. But it can be good for getting your feelings out, can be a good way to improve you career prospects, and just a good way to share ideas and prompt conversations.

A really good way to get started with blogging is to sign up for something like NaNoBlogPoMo, where you sign up to write every day for the entire month of November. It was how I reinvigorated
my blogging practice a few years ago.

They key thing though, is to write, and to set yourself targets. But remember, a blog is like a puppy. You do need to look after it.