NBN and telework

There was a recent article in The Australian that discussed the National Broadband Network (NBN) and the possibilities that it opens up for teleworking. However, I do recomend that organisations start to think about how they can measure staff output rather than time sitting at a desk.

“Similarly, Kate Carruthers, a leading business technology commentator cautioned that:

“Teleworking can be a great benefit on several levels.  For introverts who prefer quiet over open office plans it can be a blessing and productivity tool.  However teleworking must have appropriate output goals determined up front so that debates about the volume and quality of work produced do not degenerate into slanging matches.”

“Another key issue is how the teleworkers stay integrated with the rest of the team.  That is where internal social platforms like Yammer and Chatter can assist them to stay in touch with the team.  Also face-to-face meeting time with team members ought to be encouraged within organisations.  It is important to get the balance between teleworking as a productivity tool and collaboration as a productivity tool”.

Bhatt, N. (2012, June 19). The NBN’s untapped teleworking potential. The Australian. https://www.theaustralian.com.au/business/business-spectator/the-nbns-untapped-teleworking-potential/news-story/3b5a548e41a8ea07cbf0c2655a4b730a