Global Top 100 Data Visionaries – 2020

I am truly honoured to be included among the Global Top 100 Data Visionaries: These are the leaders who are vividly innovating with analytics without compromising on trust and privacy. My data team at UNSW are truly marvellous – they are always willing to come along on the innovation journey, try new things, and learn new skills. A huge thank-you to them, because without them none of my ideas would become real. Teamwork makes amazing things possible.

My sincere thanks to the judges, to and Truata for supporting this award.


The list’s aim is to discover and showcase the top 100 leaders globally who are using data to unlock value, lead innovation and transform their organizations through privacy by design. And a role of global significance requires a global list. Governance, regulations and laws vary from country to country and provide specific challenges for Data Visionaries to navigate. Learning how one sector solves for success may inspire others across the world.

We opened nominations to our global community of business leaders, executives and investors, and received many fascinating profiles from all over the world.