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Starting a podcast during COVID19

Don’t start a podcast during a pandemic” they said…

So Annie Parker and I decided to start a podcast. We had been chatting about how in so many interviews we got asked the same questions. Then we started to ponder why there were not more podcasts showcasing interesting women.

We decided to give it a go. The proposition is simple, Annie, an interesting woman, and me having a chat while also having a drink. Thus was born the Conversations with Annie & Kate podcast.

We are now up to episode 6.

Carol Duncan was our brave first guest – we had no idea what we were doing. But we thought that since Carol used to work in radio she would understand our lack of skill.

Then we followed up with Dr Emma Beckett and her amazing dresses with pockets.

Next was Damana Madden, geek diva and software engineer.

Followed by the amazing connecter of people and ideas, Annalie Killian.

Dr Devora Lieberman was next, a fertility expert and menopause myth-buster.

And our latest guest is Pip Marlow, CEO and advocate for equity & inclusion for all.

I really want to thank all these amazing women for trusting us with their stories – and they are all amazing women. And I am truly looking forward to our future guests who are all, in Annie’s words “amazing badass women”.

You can get our podcast here on YouTube or via your favourite podcast app here at Conversations with Annie & Kate podcast links.