Thought Leadership Series: Data Governance

Joined the good folks at Microsoft Reactor in Sydney for this panel on data governance. Moderator Fabio Braga Senior Cloud Solution Architect at Microsoft Australia, with

  • Jourdan Templeton – is the CTO at Aware Group – a leading technology company focusing on AI, BI and IoT, headquartered in New Zealand with teams in Singapore and USA. He has a keen interest in the combination of AI and IoT, having specialised in the architecture of these solutions for over 10 years. With the pace at which technology is developing, Jourdan believes there is a strong need for governance and ethics in how data and technology are used. Jourdan has experience designing these frameworks within central and local government settings, as well as in the commercial sector.
  • Dr. Greg Low – is one of the better-known database consultants in the world. In addition to deep technical skills, he has experience with business and project management and known for his pragmatic approach to solving issues. Greg’s skill levels at dealing with complex situations and intricate knowledge of the industry has seen him cut through difficult problems and situations in both large tier-1 and small organisations.