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Getting started with Data Governance

Often folks simply do not know where to get started with their data governance program in an organisation. I recently gave a talk at the Australian Cyber Conference 2021 in Canberra on how to get started with a data governance program.

This talk is based on my experience of running the UNSW data and information governance program since late 2014. When I first set out to establish the program there was very little useful information out there on the internet. There were lots of articles saying that data governance was a very good idea and that one should do it. But there was very little in the way of practical guidance. That is one of the reasons that I decided to share our data governance resources on a public website.

The slide deck outlines the steps to establish a data governance program. But probably the most important thing to do when starting out is to build alliances. Data governance is an integral part of an organisation’s risk management practice, but often folks do not realise this fact. This means that your natural allies include:

  1. cyber security
  2. information security
  3. information technology
  4. internal audit
  5. privacy
  6. records management
  7. risk management

The steps that I outline in the slide deck are in a very specific order. I go into the reasons in the talk – perhaps I will find time to write them up here?

[slideshare id=245319676&doc=startingdatagovernance2021-210330073719]