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CDO Summit 2021 – The Data Governance Imperative: Tools, Teams, and Processes – How to Successfully Implement a Data Governance Strategy

Spoke on a panel recently at CDO Summit 2021 regarding data governance along with Moderator: John Hershberger, Practice Lead for Financial Services and Insurance at Wavicle; and Mark Pannek, Data Governance Leader at ADM

It was a really interesting panel, with each of us from different kind of organisations, from different continents too.

Some common themes that emerged were:

  • the complexity of the modern data landscape
  • issues around securing data effectively
  • the perennial issue around tagging data for classification purposes (this one has been around since at least the 1990s)
  • tracking provenance of data
  • the plethora of new compliance obligations, especially if your organisation operates on a global basis
  • the challenges of managing data governance across the organisation

Watch the video here