Truth won’t save us from the Nazis

The world is at a dangerous stage. We are dancing on the edge of a precipice and face the risk that we will be pitched into an authoritarian world that frames itself via extreme racist, misogynistic, and anti-Semitic ideologies. These ideologies are all racist, they are all misogynistic, they are all anti-LGBTQI. They are making common cause with anti-vaccination, and QAnon activists. The mainstream media is engaged in futile both side-ism and remains hungry for all the clicks that dangerous authoritarian ideas can bring it.

We are facing the rise of fascist regimes across Europe and potentially across the US. Russia is also heavily influenced by conservative groups such as the Valdai Discussion Club who encourage their traditionalist thinking. This is important because we are seeing the playing field starting to shift from default democratic ideals and towards a more fascist world.

The times not so long past that where we all in the West held a common perspective on truth, on science, and on things such as public health are now at risk.

At the same time disinformation and misinformation are being deployed against us by state actors, crony capitalists, and theocratic religious leaders who are our enemies and who seek to destabilise both our nations and our civilisation. They seek to sow discord so that we are eaten up from within.

It is a time for us in the West to be very careful with our freedoms and our democracies. And it is time to realise that there are forces who are seeking to destroy the notion of a common sense of reality, of a shared belief in science, and who are against progress and modernity.

Note: I have not provided references here as these matters have been chronicled by so many people, for those interested in reading up you can refer to the list of references below.


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Note – I wrote this post on 24 January 2022 – just published it on 30 April 2022 because it seems apt now