Leading Academic Data Leaders 2022

It is an honour to be named among the Leading Academic Data Leaders by CDO Magazine for 2022.

As always, I want to recognise and thank my team – they bring my ideas to life and do the essential work to operationalise them at scale. All the ideas in the world are nothing until they are given life and made real.

CDO Magazine notes the following:

“In the age of big data, data science has emerged as an important discipline. With the emergence of the field, the number of mentors and leaders in the sector has increased. These remarkable academic leaders are paving the way with breakthrough data and analytics-driven concepts. They are putting their skills to good use to give meaningful value and real-world results. These exceptional academic leaders inspire the next generation of data scientists and, more significantly, make time to collaborate, provide guidance, and pass on information gained from years of academic success and experience. We are proud to showcase their achievements and hope to be a catalyst for advancing prospects in the data and analytic fields by promoting these academic leaders on the world stage through our “Leading Academic Data Leaders in 2022″.”

CDO Magazine 2022 Academic Data Leaders