Advice on building your own ecosystem

The plight of folks who build their online business worlds on the whimsy of a bunch of faceless corporations is on my mind as Twitter appears to be imploding before our eyes.

It is very imprudent to build your business on a platform that is subject to changes that are outside of your control. For example, Meta makes changes to to how Facebook and Instagram work quite regularly, and usually without any consultation. Also these platforms can exclude you and your business from their site without notice.

I will share some tips to help folks rethink their online presence. These are things that I have often told my clients about how to manage their online businesses. This is especially important after covid, where we saw that every business needs to become a digital business.

your online ecosystem

Your online ecosystem should have your website as the hub with all the various online platforms you use forming the spokes.

Five rules

  1. Always establish your own brand on your own website that you control. There are a number of free alternatives like WordPress and SquareSpace where even a novice can setup their own web presence. It is worth considering paying to use your own domain though as this gives you the freedom to move elsewhere more easily without needing to change your web address.
  2. Register your own domain, never let anyone else do this on your behalf. I have seen folks lose twenty years of their online life due to disputes or deaths in respect of domain ownership.
  3. Never make platforms like Twitter, TikTok, Instagram, or Facebook your primary platform – make them your secondary platform and feed your followers and customers from them into platforms that you control.
  4. Establish a customer contact list (you can use free tools like Mailchimp) but always export your contact lists and store them securely.
  5. Always ensure that you understand the rules of the platforms you are using and try to make contact with customers on your own platforms.