2023 bingo card

Every year about this time I do an annual bingo card. This is where I externalise all of my existential dread into a single bingo card for the year so that I can sleep at night. I usually share this on social media, and this year will do so via Mastodon.

My 2023 bingo card  by @kcarruthers@mastodon.social 15-January-2023

  1. US default  (thanks to GOP)
  2. New global financial crisis
  3. China – Taiwan crisis
  4. Russia invades a NATO country
  5. China gets more militant on trade routes
  6. King Charles is not crowned 
  7. Tory Brexit madness continues
  8. US right wing extremist terrorism picks up
  9. Elon Musk goes bankrupt
  10. Climate changes accelerates – wild swings in weather increase, fires and floods get worse
  11. New cancer vaccine discovery
  12. Global supply chain issues
  13. Crop failures
  14. Global helium shortage
  15. GOP continues their war on democracy