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Data governance – the time is now

For many years, since late 2014 to be precise, I have been thinking about and doing data governance. But now with the advent of popular AI it is even more important. 

It has always been seen as boring stuff and nobody was really that interested. But in recent times – thanks to some quite egregious data breaches – folks have realised that every organisation needs to do data governance. 

This is because if we’re doing data governance properly we know where our data assets are, who is using them, and how they are being used, and we can also track provenance of our data across the organisation. 

One thing I’ve realised in recent times is that cyber security and data governance are two sides of the same coin. Cyber is about protecting our data assets from external threats and mitigating the impact of a data breach. Data governance is about ensuring that our data holdings are managed in such a way as to mitigate the magnitude of a potential data breach. 

We’re going to need more people 

We are going to need more people who can understand and work in data governance. We are going to need to educate them about best practices and how to do data governance. And we are going to need leaders who understand the issues and the broader context of data leadership.

To help with this I’m building a new course – Data Governance for Leaders – at AGSM and it will first be delivered in July 2024. 

Eventually I’m planning to create a masters degree for data leadership. This is because we are educating heaps of folks in data science and data analytics but have neglected to educate the leaders that we will need.