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Panel at UNSW Cyber Security Summit AI panel
Picture from Rizwan Mahmood, via LinkedIn

Was happy to join an AI panel at the inaugural UNSW Cyber Security Summit today. I was lucky enough join an amazing group of panellists – AI guru Prof. Toby Walsh; UNSW CISO Derek Winter; legal, cyber and privacy expert Laura Newton of Freehills; and ably moderated by Robert Buhrke.

The regulatory landscape in Australia is becoming more onerous for organisations. Increasingly the Australian government is going to assume that organisations know what data they hold, where it is and how it is protected. Understanding this is key to protecting against current and future AI driven threats.

Now with AI it is possible to magnify the effects of a data oops enormously. It is time for business folks to get their information and data governance in order.

But there are also potential real impacts by AI driven attacks on individuals and families. My recommendations for folks to protect themselves from phishing attacks, video and audio deepfakes is to:

  1. establish a family safe word or phrase to validate if it really is them who is trying to contact you
  2. setup a password manager for everyone in the family (I use Bitwarden which is open source)
  3. use multi-factor authentication for every app that allows it (and not just SMS authentication as this is not the best option: Top 5 reasons not to use SMS for multi-factor authentication)