Chat GPT changes everything (and some of it is bad)

The world has been on the brink of revolutionary technological change for a while now and Chat GPT and related generative AI technologies might just have tipped us over into a brave new world. Ordinary folks are starting to see the power and possibilities with AI. We are about to see the flourishing of many innovative solutions that are driven by the combined power of … Continue reading Chat GPT changes everything (and some of it is bad)

5 questions about data protection

There is a sudden interest all things cybersecurity, information security, and data protection in boardrooms around the country nowadays. But many ordinary worker folks do not think that there is anything they can do to help in keeping data safe. Here are five questions you can ask inside your organisation to get a better idea of how you can help. Continue reading 5 questions about data protection

Ransomware is coming to get us. Prepare. Beware.

There are increasing numbers of ransomware attacks on municipalities and governmental organisations in the US, with headlines like this. And Australia will not be immune to these attacks. Towns Across Texas Hit in Coordinated Ransomware Attack The state government and cybersecurity groups have mobilized to respond to a mass ransomware attack that simultaneously hit 23 different towns statewide. As Lawrence Abrams noted in Bleeping … Continue reading Ransomware is coming to get us. Prepare. Beware.

Thoughts on digital forensics

I’m studying cyber security and investigations at the moment and the current course is digital forensics. It is fascinating learning about how folks try to hide their digital tracks, and it is also mildly terrifying to realise how much data can be recovered. I’m deep in hex viewers, write blockers, and various tools for analysing data. It is quite a shock to find that the … Continue reading Thoughts on digital forensics