5 questions about data protection

There is a sudden interest all things cybersecurity, information security, and data protection in boardrooms around the country nowadays. But many ordinary worker folks do not think that there is anything they can do to help in keeping data safe. Here are five questions you can ask inside your organisation to get a better idea of how you can help. Continue reading 5 questions about data protection

Getting started with Data Governance

Often folks simply do not know where to get started with their data governance program in an organisation. I recently gave a talk at the Australian Cyber Conference 2021 in Canberra on how to get started with a data governance program. This talk is based on my experience of running the UNSW data and information governance program since late 2014. When I first set out … Continue reading Getting started with Data Governance

Why Data Governance Is the Cornerstone for Data and Analytics

Had the pleasure of joining Jason Tan on his The Analytics Show podcast for a chat about data governance. It was a wide ranging discussion and covered a lot of ground, including: The importance of data governance for any kind of organisation. 5 questions to ask yourself while building your data governance program. How the higher education industry has been progressing in terms using data … Continue reading Why Data Governance Is the Cornerstone for Data and Analytics

Ransomware is coming to get us. Prepare. Beware.

There are increasing numbers of ransomware attacks on municipalities and governmental organisations in the US, with headlines like this. And Australia will not be immune to these attacks. Towns Across Texas Hit in Coordinated Ransomware Attack The state government and cybersecurity groups have mobilized to respond to a mass ransomware attack that simultaneously hit 23 different towns statewide.  https://www.darkreading.com/attacks-breaches/towns-across-texas-hit-in-coordinated-ransomware-attack/d/d-id/1335567 As Lawrence Abrams noted in Bleeping … Continue reading Ransomware is coming to get us. Prepare. Beware.

Data governance and cybersecurity

The connection between data governance and cybersecurity might not be immediately apparent. But if one considers the ‘5 knows of cyber’, it becomes obvious that cybersecurity is all about data, and data is all about information, and we want information to be secure. I use the ‘5 knows’ as the foundation of our data governance framework, because it really helps people to understand why data … Continue reading Data governance and cybersecurity

Data Governance: 5 Tips for getting started

I’ve been reflecting on the past year and one big focus area was data governance. Rolling out a data governance program along with an Information Security Management System (ISMS) is a big job for a large and complex organisation, and it is a multi-year project. We are in year two of the data governance program and over the past few years there have been a number … Continue reading Data Governance: 5 Tips for getting started