Data Revolution Podcast

Well I’m about to launch a new podcast. It’s going to be all about the intersections between business intelligence, data analytics, AI, privacy, data protection, cyber and information security. As I keep saying data and cyber are the two biggest growth industries that we have now. I have no idea what to call it though, am currently thinking of calling it the “Data Revolution Podcast”. … Continue reading Data Revolution Podcast

Winners of the 2023 women leading tech awards

Careers are strange things

Last night was surprising. I was at the Women Leading Tech awards in Sydney at the lovely new International Convention Centre. And I got an award. A lifetime achievement award. Which proves that if you hang around doing stuff long enough in the one industry eventually folks get to know you. Thanks to the very kind folks at B&T and Atlassian I was presented with … Continue reading Careers are strange things

Thought Leadership Series: The Future of Education

Was on a panel at Microsoft Reactor in Sydney: “Collaboration, productivity and remaining connected have taken a new form in an increasingly virtual world. The way we learn and engage with our peers and community has presented challenges and opportunities. Some task or even jobs that require face to face interaction required creative thinking and rapid innovation. With the Education System moving to virtual/distance learning, … Continue reading Thought Leadership Series: The Future of Education

Sir Nicholas Winton: saviour, people smuggler, hero?

The sad news of the death of a great and humble man came out overnight: “Sir Nicholas Winton, who organised the rescue of 669 children destined for Nazi concentration camps, has died aged 106. Sir Nicholas, then a stockbroker, arranged for trains to carry Jewish children out of occupied Prague. Via BBC He, like others during the 1930s and World War Two period, took action … Continue reading Sir Nicholas Winton: saviour, people smuggler, hero?

Remembrance Day 2012

“Dulce et decorum est pro patria mori” These words from Horace have survived since ancient times. Yet more often nowadays we read it in other contexts like: Ezra Pound: “some in fear, learning love of slaughter; Died some “pro patria, non dulce non et decor.” or Wilfred Owen’s excoriating Dulce et decorum est: “If you could hear, at every jolt, the blood Come gargling from … Continue reading Remembrance Day 2012