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Chat with 2022 winners CDO Magazine Data4Good award – the Lens

Had a great chat with the winners of the inaugural 2022 Data4Good Award in the Innovation, Industry & Infrastructure category: The Lens, that was recently awarded by CDO Magazine and the EDM Council. It was really inspiring to hear about how Richard Jefferson has such a passion for powering research! You can watch the video here. Continue reading Chat with 2022 winners CDO Magazine Data4Good award – the Lens

Celebrating Australian Innovation Lunch

Innovation is fast becoming the agenda item for economic growth, productivity and technological change. Whilst we look toward expert innovators such as the start-up nation Israel, we must first take some time to celebrate the great achievements in innovation in Australia and discuss what initiatives we may have to look forward to in future. This lunch brought together Paul Shetler, CEO, Digital Transformation Office; Anne … Continue reading Celebrating Australian Innovation Lunch

Innovation, government, and #policyhack

Can a government really change the way it does innovation by doing a #policyhack ? It was refreshing to hear the Turnbull government immediately turn around the depressingly negative rhetoric of the Abbott era and start talking about innovation, agility, and action. And it was a nice surprise when Wyatt Roy MP announced that he was hosting a #policyhack in associating with well-known startup incubator, … Continue reading Innovation, government, and #policyhack

Digital economy and the digital revolution

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about the digital revolution and the changes that it is driving in the economy. We are seeing a bifurcation between the old 19th and 20th century manufacturing based industries and the 21st century digital economy. This is a shift from creation of tangible products to the creation of digital products.  These digital products are not intangible. We still touch … Continue reading Digital economy and the digital revolution

Welcome to the panopticon

Tonia Ries has just published an article titled Privacy Fail: Klout Has Gone Too Far, which outlines how Klout is indexing social networks and creating/measuring user profiles, even if they have never registered with Klout. About the same time Facebook was accused of creating ‘shadow profiles’ on users and nonusers. As I said recently, welcome to the panopticon. When Jeremy Bentham originally came up with the … Continue reading Welcome to the panopticon

The bucket manifesto: how to solve complex problems

I came across this slide deck by Bud Cadell recently and thought that is very apt for our times. The challenges facing us as a planet are vast and extremely complex. Systems thinkers are needed more than ever. As he says: “In the future, I see a global network of 21st century problem solvers with the understanding and know-how to solve the most massively complex … Continue reading The bucket manifesto: how to solve complex problems

Building community #sibsyd #sydstart

On Thursday I spoke about Social Innovation Sydney at SydStart along with Selena Griffith, Michelle Williams, and Kim Chen.  Apart from the Social Innovation Sydney team there was an illustrious line-up for SydStart – you can see the list here. My brief talk was focused on the approach taken to build community around social innovation, and I will expand on it a little here. As I said: … Continue reading Building community #sibsyd #sydstart

Customer service in the digital age – what changes?

During an exchange on Twitter earlier this year with some folks who were attending #scrmsummit we chatted about customer service and about how costs are a real focus for most customer service activity. Thus, rather than focusing on excellent customer service, most organisations focus on the cheapest and most efficient form of customer service. But it seems to me the starting point must always be … Continue reading Customer service in the digital age – what changes?

How do we create and share value in a jobless economy?

Jeff Jarvis sparked my thinking on this recently with his post on The Jobless Future. As Jeff so bluntly stated: “We’re not going to have a jobless recovery. We’re going to have a jobless future. Holding out blind hope for the magical appearance of new jobs and the reappearance of growth in the economy is a fool’s faith.” If that is the case in the … Continue reading How do we create and share value in a jobless economy?

Google’s interesting social innovation

My buddy Anthony Baxter has been a Googler for a while and has worked on many fascinating projects. But what he’s working on now is not just interesting from a technology perspective, it is interesting from a social innovation perspective too. He’s working on the Google Crisis Response Team, which is part of Google’s philanthropic activities, and he’ll be talking about this at the next … Continue reading Google’s interesting social innovation