Data Revolution Podcast

Well I’m about to launch a new podcast. It’s going to be all about the intersections between business intelligence, data analytics, AI, privacy, data protection, cyber and information security. As I keep saying data and cyber are the two biggest growth industries that we have now. I have no idea what to call it though, am currently thinking of calling it the “Data Revolution Podcast”. … Continue reading Data Revolution Podcast

Interview with Geek Diva: Damana Madden

Our next episode of the Conversations with Annie & Kate is up now. This time our guest was a long time friend of mine, Damana Madden. Apart from having the coolest headphones, Damana has diverse experience working across many industries as a software engineer, and has some strongly held opinions (yet is open to reason). She founded Girl Geek Dinners in Australia/New Zealand and describes … Continue reading Interview with Geek Diva: Damana Madden