Serious games for business and education #GlobalSCRM

I’ve never been a big online game player (the third world bandwidth here in Australia has been enough to discourage many like me). But, having observed the development of online games and the gamer communities since the early days of the internet, I can see clearly that this is a significant phenomenon. One need only to look at the size of the global games market. … Continue reading Serious games for business and education #GlobalSCRM

The Future of Games – Global Social CRM #GlobalSCRM

Yesterday I attended a fascinating session hosted by the Bay Area Executives Meetup on the topic of the The Future of Games: enterprises, education, social + more. The session was conducted via CISCO Public TelePresence Suites, WebEx, Livestream, Twitter – with attendees from all around the world (Santa Clara, CA, San Francisco, Singapore, Sydney, Tokyo). The panelists all have experience in social gaming in general and … Continue reading The Future of Games – Global Social CRM #GlobalSCRM

Social media, reputation and immediacy

Reputation is critical for any person or business – we only have to look at the professional reputations of the James Hardie directors & managers in the news today. Social media can be a great way for companies & individuals to build their reputations. But it also means that we need to manage reputation proactively. This is because social media harnesses the effects of network … Continue reading Social media, reputation and immediacy

Twitter, purpose and community

A while back Twitter was having some real problems with stability and scalability and it dawned on me that they, like many innovators,  had not realised what kind of invention they had made.  They talked about it as a ‘microblogging‘ platform, that is, as a very short message publishing service.  This is a very web 1.0 view of what this type of platform enabled. Instead, … Continue reading Twitter, purpose and community

Is social computing just increasing our anxiety?

  Since the early days of the internet revolution and web 2.0 I’ve been watching & participating in various ways. And over the past few years I’ve seen its powerful properties of network amplification working in practice. My friend and colleague Mark Pesce has recently discussed these properties in his Big Ideas talk. But with all of this I’ve also observed how the internet has … Continue reading Is social computing just increasing our anxiety?

Project TOTO farewell gathering

For those who continue to think that Twitter is all about pimple faced geeks sitting alone in the dark at home tapping away on their computers here’s another real life event that shows differently. Last Saturday a bunch of us gathered to farewell our friend Stilgherrian as he takes off on a trip for Action Aid Australia to Tanzania. We gathered at Kelly’s on King … Continue reading Project TOTO farewell gathering

Social networking & your career

I had the pleasure of speaking, along with Karen Ganschow from Telstra, at the FITT CeBIT lunch today in Sydney.  We had a great turnout and there were even a few men in attendance. It’s FITT’s 20th anniversary this year – a big milestone for a volunteer based organisation that was working to encourage women into ICT careers before it was trendy. Here are the … Continue reading Social networking & your career

I’m wondering about scribetribe?

When two of the nicest and smartest people I know start talking about a new idea they are working on I get extremely curious. So when @jedwhite (entrepreneur & startup guru) and @mediamum (mainstream & social media maven) shared this video they caught my attention. I’m very curious now & want to see their new project ScribeTribe. Continue reading I’m wondering about scribetribe?

Social networking in the office

We had interesting discussions about many things last night at the ACS meeting in Wollongong. But one discussion in particular – about the use of social networking platforms in the office – really helped to clarify my position. I am getting heartily sick of the debate about whether ‘young’ folks should be allowed to access and use social networks (like Facebook or Twitter) at work … Continue reading Social networking in the office

Online social network revolution

I’m not sure that most people have realised yet, but social networks are creating a revolutionary change in the way we interact with other people. And they are revolutionary in that they also change how we do things and our expectations of how things work. Non-localised proximity Once we needed to be physically proximate to people to create and maintain social relationships, but now online … Continue reading Online social network revolution