The influencer economy

In my previous post, Radical shifts in the media economy, I spoke of the changes that have arisen in the media landscape, touched upon the democratization of communication, and mentioned the emergence of the influencer economy. Today I am going to delve into the influencer economy and some of its implications for society now and in the future. What is the influencer economy? At its … Continue reading The influencer economy

Truth won’t save us from the Nazis

The world is at a dangerous stage. We are dancing on the edge of a precipice and face the risk that we will be pitched into an authoritarian world that frames itself via extreme racist, misogynistic, and anti-Semitic ideologies. These ideologies are all racist, they are all misogynistic, they are all anti-LGBTQI. They are making common cause with anti-vaccination, and QAnon activists. The mainstream media … Continue reading Truth won’t save us from the Nazis