Presentation Themes

Kate is ready to deliver presentations and talks on the themes listed. She can connect theory with practice and provide real world insight for organisations in the following areas:

  • Digital and Data Ethics – we face a future that is built on algorithms, AI, machine learning, and data. Organisations are struggling with the ethical implications of managing complex data sets and algorithms
  • Digital Revolution – how this is changing business models, society, and consumer expectations
  • Internet of Things – how IoT will disrupt and drive innovation across all sectors of society and business
  • Privacy and Security in the Connected Age – how law, society, business, and technology intersect around privacy and security in the connected age
  • Future of Education in the Digital Age – dispatches from the front line of modern digital education
  • Delivering Business Insights through Big Data – data science and data analytics is taking us into a new world where deep insights can drive new revenue streams
  • Social Media and the Power of Digital Marketing – how businesses can harness the power of digital marketing for success
  • Disruption and the Digital Economy  – how the traditional business models are being disrupted in the emerging digital economy
  • Women and leadership in Business – mentoring and women’s development programs in the real world; navigating the maze of advice for women in leadership; practical steps towards improving participation of women in leadership
  • Women and leadership in Science Technology Engineering & Mathematics (STEM) – strategies for building a diverse workforce in STEM; inclusive approaches to increasing participation by women and girls in STEM
  • Innovation and agile methods – how businesses can use agile methods to deliver innovation in software and projects

You can contact Kate via email