Social Networking – Past & future

Social Networking – Past & future Looking back to 2007 – and it seems so long ago now – social networking was just starting to get a bit of buzz happening. Some of the social networks that we were talking about in 2007 included Bebo, MySpace, Second Life, and YouTube. Back in those days we were all talking about Second Life, and pondering how it … Continue reading Social Networking – Past & future

Handing Your Brand To The Consumer

We had a really good discussion on this topic in our panel session this morning at ad:tech Sydney. The topic was Handing Your Brand To The Consumer: Are You Willing To Let Go? The distinguished panel members were: Charis Palmer, Managing Editor, Online Banking Review; Jackie Maxted, CEO,; and Gareth Llewellyn, Corporate Communications Manager, Oracle Australia. Starting with the proposition that any control over … Continue reading Handing Your Brand To The Consumer