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Global Data Power Women List 2023

It is an honour to be named on the Global Data Power Women List by CDO Magazine for 2023.

This time it is for my work with the UNSW AI Institute, which we have been starting up since 2022 as the flagship UNSW Research Institute in artificial intelligence, data science and machine learning.

Data Revolution Podcast

Well I’m about to launch a new podcast. It’s going to be all about the intersections between business intelligence, data analytics, AI, privacy, data protection, cyber and information security. As I keep saying data and cyber are the two biggest growth industries that we have… Read More »Data Revolution Podcast

Featured image is from January 2, 2018 — “Information from brain magnetic resonance images (MRIs) can help identify people with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and distinguish among subtypes of the condition, according to a study appearing online in the journal Radiology.”

Life with ADHD

I am going to be writing a series of posts about life with ADHD. Being silent about this will not help those who come after me. What most people see when they look at me is a relatively successful woman, with a long term partner,… Read More »Life with ADHD