Epic brand fail & scantily clad women?

It was interesting to see the Prime Minister weigh into the debate around sporting team’s attitudes to women, especially since there has been so much discussion of issues related to the treatment of women over the past few days: “It’s very plain that it’s very important for sporting organisations across the country to show leadership in demonstrating proper respect towards women,” Mr Rudd told reporters. … Continue reading Epic brand fail & scantily clad women?

Nurses, naughtiness and women in IT

NetRegistry have raised some ire in some parts by having women dressed as nurses on their stand at CeBIT in Sydney.  In some ways this all takes me back to the bad old days when IT was a blokey world and scantily clad women were commonplace at conferences and exhibitions. I had a chat to Jonathan Crossfield earlier today.  He explained that their booth at … Continue reading Nurses, naughtiness and women in IT

CeBIT Frolics

Believe it or not, I’ve attended CeBIT most years for ages. This is because, if you’re working in enterprise IT, it’s one of those conferences you and your boss tend to head along to together. Over the years I thought it got a little stale and a bit predictable. But last year and this year the organisers have put in a big effort to refresh … Continue reading CeBIT Frolics

FITT Lunch 13 May

I’ll be speaking at this session together with Karen Ganschow from Telstra. Should be an interesting lunch & good excuse to get out of the office for a while. Topic:  How to make the Net work When:  12:00pm – 2:00pm, Wednesday, 13 May 2009 Where:  Harbours Edge, Level 2, Harbourside Darling Harbour, NSW, Australia More details on the FITT website: A special value-for-money FITT luncheon … Continue reading FITT Lunch 13 May