Rabbits, focus & flexibility

At Growthtown last week I gave a brief talk on focus and flexibility and a key idea that came up was that of rabbits. Startups need balance – but it is hard to balance focus on competing needs, lack of resources, maintaining cashflow momentum, while staying flexible to respond to opportunities. Focus requires discipline, which is not always a popular word these days. In a … Continue reading Rabbits, focus & flexibility

Balancing focus & growth as you grow.

Here are the slides that I did not use for my talk at Growthtown earlier in the week – but they do give a flavour of what I actually drew on a whiteboard. Balancing Focus & Flexibility As You Growhttp://static.slidesharecdn.com/swf/ssplayer2.swf?doc=balancingfocusflexibilityasyougrow-090404092403-phpapp01&stripped_title=balancing-focus-flexibility-as-you-grow View more presentations from Kate Carruthers. Continue reading Balancing focus & growth as you grow.