Positive thinking versus positive action

There is a difference between merely engaging in positive thinking and undertaking positive action. On its own thinking is merely an interior act, and only when connected to positive actions does it create new realities.

Look at issues like slavery, women’s rights, democracy. Changes in each of these were fueled by anger channeled towards action that led to change. I like to call this productive anger. It’s not about rage, rather it’s about what some might call ‘righteous anger’.

Productive anger that generates positive action has led to great changes in world.

I suppose it’s what you do with the positive thoughts that matters more than merely thinking them. One of my old school mottos was:

In deed not word
1 John 3:18

And a famous slogan of the Suffragette movement was:

“‘Deeds, not words’, was to be our permanent motto,”

Perception, relationships & dialogue

~ There have been some really interesting responses from a variety of people regarding my involvement with CeBIT this year. I’m finding it quite fascinating, and have even been called a “cool kid” which, for someone who’s always been the quintessential library dwelling nerd, is fun to hear.

“If you never change your mind, why have one?”
— Edward de Bono

Here are some things that inform my thinking and writing …

  • This is a personal blog, I’m not a journalist and I comment on things that interest me, there is no real overarching theme.
  • I’m always willing to critique things (companies, people, policies) that  I don’t like or with which I disagree. Some folks like to call this ‘opinionated‘.
  • If the evidence changes, new evidence is brought to light, or I’m just plain wrong then I’m willing to change my position.
  • Very rarely do I seek to close down the dialogue between myself and others – even if we disagree.  Although sometimes we have to simply agree to disagree.
  • My opinions are merely opinions. Sometimes they are based on facts, sometimes they are based on hearsay, and sometimes (because I’m human) they’re based on prejudice. When possible prejudice on my part is brought to my attention I listen and often (but not always) change my opinion.
  • I value dialogue over monologue because without it relationships cannot grow. Collaboration, innovation and creation are all possible due to the interconnection of ideas and people.  Debate, dialogue and some kind of dialectical process drive them.  Shutting down possibilities by refusing dialogue means shutting down potential opportunities.
  • From time to time I argue just for the fun of it, and have been known to argue for points of view with which I disagree. Arguing from an opposing viewpoint can be a useful way of understanding issues.
  • I don’t waste energy on hating anyone or anything.  Although some people or things may really annoy me.
  • Sometimes I enjoy subverting hierarchy & deconstructing traditional institutions – it’s all in good fun & not intended for evil (keep any eye out for some flash mobs or similar). This is because I believe that humour can often be a force for revelations of truth about what we do and the need for change. It is also why LOLcats rule.
  • All of the above makes complete sense given my MBTI type = ENTP 😉

possum – magic – lithe

These are the words I threw out to David Niall Wilson when he asked for three words upon which he could base a poem.

Many others responded too and the results of his three word poems are here. There is not enough poetry in the modern world so it is great to see a good writer turning his hand to verse.

But the one he wrote for my words is:

There are magic places hidden deeper
Within the forest glens than you should go,
Cloaked by vines, and brush, and clinging creeper
Where nothing craving sunlight’s kiss can grow.
You’ll see the temptress in her shadow gown,
Wink and dance to steal your tender heart.
Her face is fair, her dark hair, soft as down,
Her dance a black seduction from the start.
Do not be fooled, avoid her lovely gaze,
The lithe and mesmerizing way she moves,
She promises the world, but means to raze,
Your soul, and trample you beneath her hooves
The wolf and bear and cougar lick her feet
The rabbit, possum, mole, and you? Her treat.

— David Niall Wilson